Virtual table top narrative gaming for all occasions!

Curated Online Adventures!

Enhance critical thinking, team building, social and emotional skills all while enjoy a unique gaming experience.

Youth Tables

Online, after school programs and summer camps with storytelling games designed for kids (9-18)


Team Tables

Virtual team building games for friends, coworkers, and other teams. Three collaborative games to choose from!


“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.”

–  Abraham Maslow

Playing Cards
Playing Cards





The desire for entertainment and socialization are central to what makes us human. People crave stories but are rarely given the opportunity to affect the narrative themselves. Story Tables provides a reimagined tabletop gaming experience. Easy to learn and accessible to all virtually! This isn't an escape room or puzzle. It's a story you build together by exercising decision-making and critical thinking skills, all while expanding your creativity. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.


Let our Story Guides lead you through a world of adventure and possibilities. Establish your character and goals. Engage in the plot. Collaborate to achieve your objective. But, most importantly, have FUN!


Story Tables is on a mission to bring tabletop gameplay to the broader world. We believe in the benefits of permissive play as a learning tool. By producing and facilitating team-based storytelling, we hope to provide a worthwhile vehicle to enhance creative problem solving and social skills for both youths and adults.

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