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Fantasy World

Youth Story Tables are game-based storytelling activities meant to engage the creativity of teens and tweens, while fostering collaboration and a sense of belonging. All games are set in a wholly original, fantastical world ripe for adventure!

Our story system, Isles of Mist, which we've run for the last seven years, has taken notes from other popular role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, to create a system specially geared toward younger players. Gameplay is simple to learn and provides opportunities for social, moral, and intellectual lessons that  support the growth and development of the youthful mind.

Ages 9-18

About Us
Easy to learn System
Persistent Fantasy World

Creative Games for Kids


Build a character, explore a magical world, make friends, roll the dice, and enjoy a role-playing game like no other!

  • After School Programs

  • Summer Programs

  • Online Sessions

  • In-person Tables

Play from anywhere online
Or join us in person at one of several USA locations.



Ojai + Berkeley

We offer during school and after school programs at two locations:

- Games of Berkeley (open to all)

- Rock, Tree, Sky Learning Center

    School Year: (students only)

    Summer: (open to all)

New Mexico


We currently partner with New Mexico International School to offer programs to students of that location.



Every school semester and summer, Story Tables will offer at least one online program so students can participate from anywhere!

Benefits of roleplaying

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