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We are busy little dice goblins with a lot of irons in the fire. If you're curious, check the links below!

A Free Character Sheet for Creative Motivation

Illustrator_Fitness_CharacterSheet_Complete copy.png

This character sheet is copyrighted by Callie MacSaylor 2023

By downloading or using this image, you are agreeing to not distribute, sell, or host the image without the consent of the author and artist. 

At Story Tables, we run after school enrichment programs and summer camps for youths ages 9-18 in a system designed with kids in mind. Join a game online or in person at multiple locations in California and New Mexico.

Sun Sailor


Our Mom and Pop tabletop gaming production house and blog. We specialize in unique DM's Guild content and are currently producing two different ttrpg systems of our own. Sun Sailor Productions is also the host of the Twitch Stream, Misfit Table.

DM's Guild

Read more about our highly rated one-sheet adventures and other supplemental D&D content! It's guaranteed to make your night off GAME ON!

Misfit Table

A twitch stream for redeemed misfits. Come for the ttrpg live play, stay for our silly little commercial breaks. Featuring a rotating cast of DMs, actors, writers, and fans of tabletop gaming, Mistfit Table explores different systems every Tuesday at 8pm MNT

Want to stay up to date with the goings on with Story Tables, Misfit Table, and Sun Sailor Productions? Join our discord for access to behind the scenes development and play testing for our game systems and modules, learn about Story Tables events, or join the Misfit Table fandom!

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