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Laisa Isles of Mist floating city

Isles of Mist

Set out into the world of "Isles of Mist" an unique and easy to learn role-playing game system developed by Story Tables founders, Ashton and Callie MacSaylor.

Experience a world of magic, wonder, and mystery where the world is new even to those who live there. 

Chart a path through the Great Forest, past trees as large as skyscrapers. Fly through the mists over The Lost Lake where air pirates wait in the darkness. Save the people of the once great city of Laisa from bondage. There are so many adventures to explore!

Build your character and play to become a legend!

What is a roleplaying game?

All table sessions are essentially storytelling games that use dice rolls as a chance-based method of determining success or failure in the story. The better your character's skills are and the better the die roll, the better the chances of success.

The Story Guide is your lead storyteller who describes to you what your character sees and roleplays all the other, non-player, characters in the world. You can interact with these other characters and your surroundings just as you would in a rpg video game, but through speaking and improvising. Using a human Story Guide instead of a computer script allows for infinitely varied actions, outcomes, and possibilities.

Benefits of roleplaying

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