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Youth Story Tables (ages 11-18)

Creative Problem-Solving Games for Creative Kids

Youth Story Tables are game-based storytelling activities meant to engage the creativity of teens and tweens, while also fostering collaboration and a sense of belonging. All games are set in a wholly original, fantastical world ripe for adventure!

Our story system, which we've run for the last six years, has taken notes from other popular role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, to create a system specially geared toward younger players. Gameplay is simple to learn and provides opportunities for social, moral, and intellectual lessons that  support the growth and development of the youthful mind.


Available at 2 California Locations

Youth Story Tables has partnered with

Games of Berkeley and Rock Tree Sky Learning Center

to make in-person games available in both Berkeley and Ojai, California. 

Online private bookings for parties are also available.

My son absolutely LOVES it. It's the main thing of the week he always looks forward to. Thank you very much! You are doing an amazing job!

Anya, Mother of 


Thank You for creating Isles of Mist.

It's so fun!


Benefits of Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Tabletop roleplaying games offer a myriad of benefits to a growing mind,

as is well documented through multiple scholarly studies, including including Blackmon, Wayne D. (1994), Hughes, John (1988), Hawkes-Robinson, William (2008), and Taylor, G. R. (2019),

to name a few.


Children always benefit from  lightly-structured play! Children need room to explore.


Build social skills and emotional resilience through roleplaying out complex situations.

Problem Solving

Find creative solutions using discussion, teamwork, logic, and imagination.


Practice reading and handwriting while building a character. Practice statistics and addition through dice rolls.


Isles of Mist

Role-playing Game System

Set out into the world of "Isles of Mist" an unique and easy to learn role-playing game system developed by Story Tables founder, Ashton MacSaylor. Experience a world of magic, wonder, and mystery where the world is new even to those who live there. 

Chart a path through the Great Forest, past trees as large as skyscrapers. Fly through the mists over The Lost Lake where air pirates wait in the darkness. Save the people of the once great city of Laisa from bondage. There are so many adventures to explore!

Build your character and play to become a legend!

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