Youth Story Tables (ages 9-18)

Creative Problem-Solving Games for Creative Kids

Youth Story Tables are game-based storytelling activities meant to engage the creativity of teens and tweens, while also fostering collaboration and a sense of belonging. All games are set in a wholly original, fantastical world ripe for adventure!

Our story system, which we've run for the last five years, has taken notes from other popular role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, to create a system specially geared toward younger players. Gameplay is simple to learn and provides opportunities for social, moral, and intellectual lessons that  support the growth and development of the youthful mind.




Online or In Person!


My son absolutely LOVES it. It's the main thing of the week he always looks forward to. Thank you very much! You are doing an amazing job!

Anya, Mother of 

Danil, age 9

Thank You for creating Isles of Mist.

It's so fun!

 Lucas, age 12

Benefits of Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Tabletop roleplaying games offer a myriad of benefits to a growing mind,

as is well documented through multiple scholarly studies, including including Blackmon, Wayne D. (1994), Hughes, John (1988), Hawkes-Robinson, William (2008), and Taylor, G. R. (2019),

to name a few.


Children always benefit from  lightly-structured play! Children need room to explore.


Build social skills and emotional resilience through roleplaying out complex situations.

Problem Solving

Find creative solutions using discussion, teamwork, logic, and imagination.


Practice reading and handwriting while building a character. Practice statistics and addition through dice rolls.

Frequently asked questions

How do you play the game?

1. Create your character 2. Let your Story Guide lead you to adventure 3. Describe your actions and roleplay your character 4. Roll to see if you succeed 5. Complete your mission 6. Level up and win rewards All table sessions are essentially storytelling games that use a hand of cards as a chance-based method of determining success or failure in the story. The better your character's skills are, and the better the die roll, the better the chances of success. The Story Guide is your lead storyteller who describes to you what your character sees and roleplays all the other, non-player, characters in the world. You can interact with these other characters and your surroundings just as you would in a rpg video game, but through speaking and improvising. Using a human Story Guide instead of a computer script allows for infinitely varied actions, outcomes, and possibilities.

What is "Isles of Mist"

"Isles of Mist" is the role-playing game system designed by Story Table's co-founder and educator Ashton MacSaylor. It is a world of floating islands, magical mists, impressive creatures, and complex social dynamics. If you're lucky enough, you might catch a ride on a grand but, rare, legendary airship. Pick your character caste, choose your abilities, background, skills, magic, and equipment. Then venture forth into a land barely known even to those who live there.

Who are the Story Guides?

Story Guides take you through a unique story built in the Isles of Mist world. They help the player build a character and guide him or her through different encounters, while roleplaying a multitude of characters, both friends and foes. Current permanent Story Guides (Based in Ojai CA; currently all online)
- Ashton MacSaylor: High school english teacher at Oak Grove School, with a master's degree in education. Ashton has published the interactive fiction novel "The Good, the Bad, and the Undead." - Callie MacSaylor: Callie is an artist and mother with a background in video game and children's show development.

Where can I join Youth Story Tables?

We are currently accepting bookings for our 2021 summer programs for both online and in person camps which are hosted at Rock Tree Sky school in Ojai, CA. Semester after school programs start Sept 2021 with sign ups open in August. We also host games during the day at Rock Tree Sky in Ojai, California during the school year. Any students enrolled in that school may participate as a part of the school curriculum there as well.

How can I book a private event?

Story Tables is available for private events such as birthdays, bar mitzvahs, team sport celebrations, or after school events. If you would like a unique, one time, story table session simply email us at info@storytables.com. Sessions can hold up to 7 players and last 3-6 hours. Choose from a variety of pre-built characters! Suggest a theme, genre, or plot you'd like to play, and we'll craft a story experience built around YOU!

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