Team Tables Session Info


Mini Session (2hr)

A fully enclosed adventure where gameplay is fast paced but memorable. Like an episode of tv.

Standard Session (4hr)

A more involved storyline with more opportunities for character choice and enactment. Much like a standard film.

Full Story (6hr)

Our most immersive stories. Like living a novela.



A single session. One fully enclosed narrative in one sitting.


To be continued...This is a collaboration that requires more attention than a single session can provide.

Reoccurring Saga

Make your game a regular event! Get stories tailor made to play on a weekly or monthly basis.

All sessions ONLINE ONLY until further notice.

Game Themes


Aces and Spades

Aces and Spades sets you and your team on a mission that hurls you into the wilds of the American Old West. But nothing is as it seems. Rumors of the supernatural are feeling less like rumors and more like reality. But are your eyes playing tricks on you? Find out in an adventure that captures the diversity, struggles, and promise of the Weird West using only a deck of cards and your imagination.


Isles of Mist

Enter an extraordinary world of floating islands, magical mists, impressive creatures, and complex social dynamics. If you're lucky enough, you might catch a ride on a grand but, rare, legendary airship or dragon. The world is new - even to those who inhabit it. Adventurers are in high demand. Will you join the call in this dice based fantasy adventure?

Want a custom story or theme for your adventure?


No problem! Our game systems can be easily adapted to suite many types of adventures. With help from our team of talented writers, we can be sure to craft a custom experience just for you!