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Youth Story Tables Contest!

Announcing the FIRST Youth Story Tables Contest! We wanted to celebrate our first full year as Story Tables with a contest! The imagination we’ve seen from students has truly inspired us, and we want to see more! Submit a drawing, painting, story, play, song, video, animation, sculpture, or other creative project inspired by your Story Tables adventures or the world of Isles of Mist! You choose the topic. It can be about a session, storyline, character, incident, friend, object - really anything that relates to a Story Tables game or the Isles of Mist world. Be creative! If you need inspiration, see a list of idea generation questions on our Inspiration Sheet.

Who: Open to all students age 18 and under who have participated in or are currently in Story Tables (Formerly The Imagination Workshop).

Entries: Max 2 entries per person.

Due Date: Friday, April 16th 2021

How to Submit: First fill out the form HERE and then send photos, movies, or audio files to Please keep files relatively small.

Presentation: All entries will be up in an online Gallery on starting Tuesday, April 20th. We will email out the link once the entries are LIVE. Feel free to share the gallery with friends and family.

Winners Announced: Monday, May 3rd 2021

Judges: A group of Story Tables Founders, Teachers, and other professional story guides.

First Prize

One High School Winner and One Middle/Elementary School Winner

  • Half price admission: Youth Story Tables After School Program or Story Tables Summer Camp for winning student.

  • A drawing by co-founder and artist Callie MacSaylor of the character, object, animal, or vehicle of your choice from the game.

  • 3 inspiration points past the inspiration point limit for your character

  • A printed copy of the reduced rulebook for Isles of Mist

  • A featured spot on the Story Tables Blog

Honorable Mention

Max 2 per grade grouping

  • A printed copy of the reduced rulebook for Isles of Mist

  • A featured spot on the Story Tables Blog and social channels

  • 1 inspiration point past inspiration point limit for your character

We look forward to seeing what you will all come up with!

All files must be in .jpg, .png, .pdf, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, or .avi format and at at least 150dpi. If you are submitting photographs of a physical object, be sure to get it from all angles if possible or include a video turn around.

All entries must be school appropriate. No nudity, sex, curse words, or excessive violence.

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