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Updated: Nov 24, 2021


We are looking for talented and passionate people to join us on our mission to bring the benefits of tabletop roleplaying games to children and youth. Story Tables has been running interactive storytelling games for kids for five years. We run both one-time, standalone events and extended campaigns. Our vision is to reimagine the educational experience, using tabletop roleplaying gaming as a focal point for learning and bonding together.

As a Youth Story Guide, you are tasked with designing and facilitating appropriate modular adventures for one-time and recurring events using our own Isles of Mist roleplaying game system. You will be responsible for creating regular content yourself, while staying true to the creative vision of the shared fiction. A Story Guide is part actor, part storyteller, and part teacher. It is your responsibility to make sure participants are engaged in the plot and are collaborating to make an exciting experience for all.

This is a part time position, ranging from 2-6 hours per week, depending on how many sessions you run. Inquire for pay structure.

Essential Functions

Effective verbal and written communication skills

Enthusiastic attitude

Ability to engage in person or via computer screen for 2-4 hours without distraction

Understanding and communicating tabletop game mechanics

Facilitate virtual meetings with good etiquette

Acting and improvisation

Creativity and organization

Willingness to recommend and promote Story Tables


Experience working with youth

Stable internet connection

Decent onboard or external computer camera

Experience with Zoom

Ability to learn and facilitate an original roleplaying game system under strict time constraints

Ability to keep track of multiple storylines, characters, and notes

Comfort with public speaking, storytelling, and entertaining, while running a game

Bonus Points

Current or past experience as an educator, leader, host, actor, or game master

Acting or public speaking experience

Degree in education, performance art, or english

Experience with tabletop gaming and board games

Connections to promote and facilitate additional Team Story Tables in your community

Experience working as part of a team in tech, finance, and/or entertainment

People from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Our customers are diverse and our employees must be comfortable working with people of all sexes, races, creeds, sexual orientations, and cultures.

Story Tables is an equal opportunity employer.

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