By producing and facilitating team-based storytelling, we hope to provide a worthwhile vehicle to enhance creative problem solving and social skills for both youths and adults.Story Tables is on a mission to bring tabletop gameplay to the broader world. We believe in the benefits of permissive play as a learning tool.

Team Tables


Engage in an interactive story set in your choice of theme/setting or one built just for you! The Story Guide provides the structure and your team builds the experience. If you play your character and cards right, you'll discover a gaming experience that isn't just about the win, but the journey itself. Enhance your team's interpersonal and critical thinking skills by engaging in permissive play today!


Youth Tables


In the lands of Isles of Mist, everyday is an adventure and every trial is an opportunity for children to grow. Enter a world of magic and imagination. Where words hold power and the dice of fate are real. Create a character and role-play a story with fellow adventurers. Isles of Mist is a living and breathing game world and system. Every child has the ability to impact the game for future generations. So come join us on the journey!