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2021 Youth Story Tables Contest Entries

Visual Arts Entries
Written Arts Entries


The Rings Of Nightingale

By Phoenix Schneider

Age: 12

Description of Work: It is a backstory to Shade, and it describes artifacts that were forged in the past. I chose to make it because it I want to enrich the backstory of my character and possibly add something to the world of Isles of Mist.



"Lightning crackled, illuminating up the small room in the tower. The cries of many children rung the ears of the wary couple soon to leave forever, for their deaths….


1 year earlier…   The Year is 29 Edward Nightingale and his wife Clementine are high mages working for Celida. They are respected, thought high of from their peers and very excellent parents. Clementine was a very powerful prophet and psychic being able to predict many events, even what their unborn children would look like. Edward had a mysterious magic unlike any. Edwards magic is hard to describe but he could manipulate your health. He could cause people to have heart attacks, strokes, go paralyzed, anything of physical harm. But more importantly he was one of the most powerful enchanters and blacksmiths at that time. One day Clemintine was sitting in bed when she got a vision, but it's unlike any other vision she’s experienced before. "

Cyren's Mysty Adventures

By Cosimo Quetzal Cristofalo

Age: 10

Description of Work: An introduction to an adventure story, which I wrote because it seemed cool to make a first person story of my character's adventure and speaking in the past tense for the introduction is a style that I like.

Full Text:

"All I remember from that night was...smoke, and running...I was in my sister's arms and she was running away from the smoke. That's all i remember from that night. I think that i was ignorant but i know what really happened that night now.  My sister believes that she's still alive...


I am Cyren, I am a 17 year old elemental mage.  I have a pet rat that can "ingest" five-ft cubed things. I am skilled in forging. My favorite colors are red and orange, because they are the common colors of fire.

My sister, Raven, is 19 and she is very agile, and has a magical cloak of invisibility.  She likes being in nature, and is a bit of a sneaky assassin-type. Her favorite colors are black and forest green.


My sister and I were hired to be  bodyguards for a traveling circus. I met a few people from the circus. Siorse and Sabrina stood out to me immediately. I guess because they were about to go on an adventure with me, although I didn't know it yet.

We strayed off into the forest on one of the performances, set camp and came across some fractal lizards.  They tried to attack us (I forget that most people don't know what fractal lizards are! Fractal lizards are very territorial and they get their name from their scales' shape which refracts light in such a way that it is hard to see them in their natural habitat of forests and densely-wooded areas).  With a combination of my magic, my sister's strength and my new friends' help, we defeated them, yet were wounded.  This was an introduction to our adventure which would follow."

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